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SIG Design & Technology have partnered with Eco Green Roofs to provide guaranteed built-up green roof and blue roof systems. Partnering with Eco Green Roofs allows SIG to offer a full built up system which combines expertise on both the green roofing and waterproofing under one package.

Eco Green Roof System

Eco Green Roofs provide guaranteed systems that replicate the natural growing environment for plants, creating lush, vibrant, bio-diverse environments that can transform both new and refurbishment projects.

Designing bespoke systems to meet the client’s needs, Eco Green Roofs specialise in the supply and installation of sustainable green roofs, providing technical expertise that is backed up by published academic research.

Eco Green Roof System

Green roofs can be built in many different ways, using a variety of materials.

  1. Built-up green roofVegetation Layer
    Green roofs can have a variety of planting options. Eco Green Roofs supply many different vegetation layers ranging from fully established blankets (sedum, wild flowers or grasses) that roll out like turf, plug plants, seeds and cuttings.
  2. Substrate
    Substrate (the growing medium), is the most important component of a green roof. Eco Green Roofs substrate has been carefully designed for each planting type. Fundamentally it must contain low levels of nutrients to keep the plants easy-to-maintain, hold a certain level of water yet be free-draining to prevent root rotting and have a granular texture to keep the plant roots well aerated (vital for plant health). Substrate design is a science and a lack of knowledge is why a large number of green roofs fail. A good substrate supports the whole green roof system and sustains the vegetation layer.
  3. Filter Layers
    Filter layers are very important in a green roof system. They hold the nutrients and fines within the system and stop them from being washed away by the rain.
  4. Drainage layers
    Eco Green Roofs have designed a range of drainage layers to complement the roof build-up and function effectively by draining excess water from the roof. Some of the larger drainage layers will also hold a reserve of water in specially designed cups so plants have access to it in drier periods. When needed, the roots will draw the water up by using evapotranspiration.
  5. Root Barrier
    A root barrier is used to separate the green roof system from roofing membranes. Generally, Eco Green Roofs install root barriers on roofs that have been retrofitted with a green roof or if certain roofing membranes require extra protection.


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