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Green Roofs

Green roofs provide a wide range of benefits to the built environment and they are generally defined as being either ‘extensive’, ‘biodiverse’ or ‘intensive’, terms that indicate their functional use. However, their use also affects the components used in the construction of both the roof itself and the structure of the building.

SIG Design & Technology offer both modular systems from Wallbarn and built-up green roofs and blue roof systems from Eco Green Roofs.

Modular Green Roof

The M-Tray® from Wallbarn has been developed to make sedum roofs easier to install with less disruption to both the plants and the structure. M-Tray® green roof system consists of specially-designed modular trays containing superior, engineered substrate and fully established flowering sedum, which are easy-to-carry and click together to form a seamless green roof.

Built-Up Green Roof

Eco Green Roof provide guaranteed built-up green and blue roof systems which replicate the natural growing environment for plants, creating lush vibrant, bio-diverse environments for transforming both new and refurbishment projects. Eco Green Roof specialise in the supply and installation to ensure the sustainability of their roofs.

Types of Green Roofs

Here’s a summary of the different types of green roof available.

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Extensive Green Roofs

Extensive Green Roof RenderExtensive green roofs are designed to reap the benefits that green roofs offer but at minimal cost and with very little maintenance.

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Intensive Green Roofs

Intensive Green Roof RenderIntensive green roofs, or ‘roof gardens’, are at the other end of the scale and are often designed to provide recreational space for the building’s occupants.

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Biodiverse Roofs

Biodiverse GReen Roof RenderBiodiverse roofs are another form of semi-extensive green roof (i.e. low maintenance) that makes use of recycled materials.


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More Information

Wondering whether a green roof system is suitable for your project?

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