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Radically changing the way that holes are made in concrete, InnoGain is a revolutionary solution for through, anchor and precision hole making. By casting InnoGain products directly into concrete, consistency of depth and diameter is guaranteed… and by removing the need to drill on-site, the health and safety advantages are far reaching.

No more dust. No more vibration risk. Just perfectly formed holes at a significantly reduced cost.


Supporting the sustainable agenda in construction, InnoGain minimises the waste which is traditionally produced on-site from drilling holes in concrete and at the same time reduces the volume of concrete required in manufacture.

With less wastage all round and a huge reduction in cartaway, InnoGain delivers an environmentally sound solution which helps to reduce carbon footprint and supports a greener approach to building methods. And as a recyclable product which can typically be used up to 100 times, InnoGain is the sustainable solution that keeps on giving.

InnoGain is a revolutionary new and patented product which enables the creation of holes in concrete without the need for drilling. Cast direct into concrete to make precise and accurate holes which are consistent in depth and diameter, the InnoGain range provides access to a range of solutions for cast-on-site and pre-cast applications.


By removing the requirement to drill on-site, InnoGain delivers far reaching health and safety benefits. Commercially, InnoGain can typically be used up to 100 times which means the total cost to create a hole is substantially more cost effective than traditional methods while environmentally it minimises concrete wastage and reduces the volume of concrete needed in a structure where holes are required.

Distributed exclusively in the UK and Ireland through SIG Performance Technology, InnoGain is underpinned by an expert technical team able to advise on a shift in on-site and pre-cast processes that will enable contractors and manufacturers to realise the time, commercial and health and safety benefits which this innovative solution will deliver.


Developed, designed and manufactured by revered engineer and inventor, Rob van Rijn, InnoGain was first used in the Netherlands ten years ago– and continues to be widely used today.


Rethinking the way that holes were formed, Rob embarked on a systematic research and development programme, designing the concept of InnoGain on the same principles as concrete formwork. The driving design force being to deliver a product which could create accurate holes on scale – with no drilling.

A true innovation, this patented solution is now brought to market as InnoGain with the product range continuing to expand and provide access to a broad choice of hole profiles for cast on-site and pre-cast applications.


Manufactured to a patented composition, InnoGain products are produced using a specially formulated rubber which delivers the necessary rigidity to precision form holes – and the right elasticity to allow sufficient flex for ease of removal.


As a hydrophobic polyurethane with built-in lubricant, once the concrete is cured InnoGain can be quickly and easily removed by hand with no need for specialist equipment or mechanical tools.

Each InnoGain product is designed to be used up to 100 times, after which point it can be fully returned for supplier controlled recycling.



When it comes to using InnoGain on-site, the product is highly flexible. If weather conditions permit the curing of concrete – InnoGain can be used to form any through, anchor or precision holes required.

As a product which can be used up to 100 times and with minimal maintenance, InnoGain is extremely easy to introduce into site processes and even easier to install. The design of the product means that InnoGain cannot be removed until the concrete is fully cured, which negates any risk of installation error.

Delivering a neat and clean construction method, InnoGain removes the need for drilling and all the health and safety challenges associated with managing dust and vibration.

From a site management perspective, the removal of drilling also removes the need to safely dispose of concrete waste. Not only does this translate into time and cost savings, it makes a valuable contribution to the overall carbon impact of a project.


Introducing InnoGain into pre-cast concrete production gives manufacturers a real competitive edge. By expanding your product offering to include solutions which facilitate on-site efficiencies and health and safety benefits, you’ll be providing contractors with an innovative alternative to traditional pre-cast concrete.

By removing the need for through, anchor or precision hole drilling on-site with your pre-cast products, contractors will be able to realise time and cost savings as well as demonstrate clear environmental advantages.

Reusable up to 100 times, InnoGain can precision form through and anchor holes on scale which makes it ideal for use in pre-cast concrete production. And because you’ll only be using the concrete that’s required for the final application, you’ll be removing potential wastage at the point of manufacture – helping to make you even more competitive from a pricing perspective.

Suitable for use with concrete from C12/15 to C50/60, InnoGain is a highly flexible solution for pre-cast hole forming.

Requiring minimal maintenance, InnoGain is simple to install and can be easily removed by hand with no specialist tools.



InnoGain offers a 3D System that completely removes the need to drill holes in concrete for anchoring. A choice of systems accommodates the use of both a timber wooden box (which is used in conjunction with a screwplate) and a steel box, where the InnoGain holder is supplied in a magnetic form.

Whether the 3D System is being used with timber or metal, the installation process is the same. A profiled MGM (Mini Gate Maker) product is pushed into the holder to precision form a hole with an exact diameter and depth. The hole profile is anti-tapered to increase the pull-out load.

After the concrete is cured, the MGM can easily be pulled out of the concrete by hand, with no need for specialist tools. The holder remains on the formwork ready for the next pour. At this point the MGM is simply placed back in the holder and through the formwork.

This drill-free process is clean and dust-free which means glue can later be adhered to the profiled hole perfectly. As compared with the use of steel screw sleeves and anchor rails, the InnoGain 3D System provides significant savings both in terms of time and cost.

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The InnoGain Channel Former is a substitute for conventional starter box systems for both horizontal and vertical use. This creates a series of profiled holes for connecting reinforcement bars and fixing new concrete panels against precast concrete units. Once formed, rebars in any required pattern are installed with an approved resin to provide a bond as secure as conventional systems. Importantly, the profiled holes are anti-tapered which increases the pull out load.

Available in a choice of systems designed for use with timber (InnoGain CF) or metal (InnoGain C) formwork, InnoGain Channel offers a flexible alternative to traditional methods.

Both InnoGain C and InnoGain CF are used in conjunction with a combination of InnoGain MGMs (Mini Gate Makers) to form the holes in concrete and InnoGain MBs (Mini Blocks) to plug the Channel Former where holes are not created.

From a purchasing perspective, the InnoGain system should be configured according to the number of holes which need to be created in each rebar channel. For advice on configuration, please contact the InnoGain technical team.

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InnoGain GM provides a cost effective, efficient and sustainable alternative for creating spiral profiled recesses in pre-cast and in-situ concrete. Replacing traditional techniques of using threaded starter bar anchors, InnoGain GM precision forms holes in which a standard reinforcement bar can be installed.

Using the InnoGain method of hole forming means there is no interruption in the reinforcement bar which makes it suitable for static and dynamic loads.

Each InnoGain GM can typically be reused up to 100 times making it ideal for applications where holes need to be created accurately and on scale.

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InnoGain PH has been developed to specifically remove the need for drilling on-site where scaffolding bars or posts of similar sizes need to be erected on a concrete surface.

Concrete is traditionally poured and cured before holes are drilled to accept scaffolding or posts, resulting in site wastage, as well as the health and safety risks associated with hand arm vibration and dust formation from drilling. With InnoGain PH, the hole is precision formed as part of the concrete casting process which means it is suitable for use with cast on-site concrete as well as pre-cast manufacture.

By producing recesses directly into concrete flooring, InnoGain allows for safer scaffold and post erection on site. The holes can be placed much more accurately than with drilling and offer a much more consistent quality for the depth of the hole.

To create the post hole, the InnoGain former is simply placed in the concrete after pouring and then easily removed by hand once the concrete is cured.

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Removing the need for drilling on-site, InnoGain VR is designed for use in vertical applications, creating spiral recesses in units such as ground beams, balconies and staircases. The precision formed grooved profile delivers a clean surface for adhering grout.

Cast directly into concrete, once cured the InnoGain VR is simply removed by hand, with no requirement for specialist tools.

Dependent on whether timber or metal formwork is being used, within seconds the InnoGain VR can be firmly connected with woodscrews, fixing bolts or magnets. The appropriate formwork foot fixing should be selected from the InnoGain accessories.

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Removing the need for drilling or the use of steel casing on-site, InnoGain VS is designed for use in vertical applications where a smooth recess is required.

InnoGain VS precision forms smooth holes which are ideal for cables, electric, sewer or water supply.

The high quality smooth finish which InnoGain VS delivers overcomes the issues traditionally caused by PVC or metal tubes as nothing is left in the concrete once removed.

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