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Roofing contractors: How to join ARRC

Membership of the AccuRoof Roofing Contractor Scheme (ARRC) gives specialist roofing contractors extra reassurance: they know they’re installing quality products and have the compulsory ARRC training to ensure they apply current best practice.  This quality is reflected in the exclusive warranties which are the hallmark of a project completed by an ARRC member.

Using an ARRC contractor gives specifiers and main contractors – and those responsible for whole life costs on any new or refurbishment project – confidence in the installation of their roofing systems choices.

If your business can demonstrate a track record of recent competence in roofing installation across a range of products, then we would like to hear from you.

Download the application pack

Download the ARRC application pack and send us:

  1. Completed application form
  2. Completed indemnity form
  3. Public liability insurance documents
  4. Product liability insurance documents
  5. Employee liability insurance documents

How ARRC membership works

ARRC membership is restricted to roofing contractors who can continue to demonstrate a track record of recent competence in roofing installation and maintain their insurance cover. ARRC certified contractors are issued with a digital certificate to demonstrate their level of expertise.

Bronze ARRC Roofing Contractor

Once you’re through the application process and accepted as an ARRC member you will be trained and certified in the use of our products in accordance with SPRA, LWRA and NFRC approved criteria and manufacturers recommendations. A minimum of 3 completed projects will be inspected by one of our field technicians.

Bronze membership signifies status as newly trained, and contractors normally remain on Bronze status for 1-2 years.

Silver ARRC Roofing Contractor

Assuming an acceptable workmanship level, you may be recommended for an upgrade to Silver membership. Trained contractors normally qualify for Silver membership after completing 3-5 successfully inspected projects.

Gold ARRC Roofing Contractor

Trained contractors that have been Silver for a minimum of 3 years at an acceptable workmanship level may apply to upgrade to Gold status. Our area field technicians continue to carry out regular inspections of your work. At the end of the three-year period, Gold status may be further extended or installers may be required to attend a one day refresher course to make sure their knowledge of products and processes is up-to-date.

Platinum ARRC Roofing Contractor

Platinum ARRC roofing contractors have a minimum 2 years as a successful Gold ARRC contractor and are expected to continually exhibit the highest quality workmanship.

If you’re interested in becoming an ARRC member download the application pack and get in touch via our form below.

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