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SIGnature Ultra Protect is a complete roof waterproofing system. Tried and tested polyurethane technology provides the reassurance of a long-lasting roof, further supported by the awarding of BBA certificates for systems assessed to provide a durable waterproof coating with service lives of at least 20 and 25 years.

The SIGnature Ultra Protect system is able to withstand the stresses that roofs experience due to its elastomeric properties. Fast curing components, and cross-linking technology provide the professional contractor with a fast, easy to install system.

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The BBA has awarded certificates for both 20 and 25 year system options.

This provides the professional contractor, architect or specifier, and the building owner the reassurance they demand. BBA Agrément Certificate 22/5994. 20 and 25 Years.
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Fire certification has never been more important to industry professionals.

SIGnature Ultra Protect has been tested on a range of common roof build-ups for both flat & pitched roof applications.

Testing in accordance with EN 13501-5: 2016 Test method: CEN/TS 1187: 2012 Test 4. Classification: BROOF(t4).
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A high fire rating is a critical prerequisite for any waterproofing system.

Independent and rigorous testing shows that SIGnature Ultra Protect achieves a high fire-rating once installed (BROOF T4), tested for both sloped and flat formats.

Classification report for roofs/roof coverings exposed to external fire in accordance with EN 13501-5: 2016 on Ultra Protect Dark/Light Grey. Test method: CEN/TS 1187: 2012 Test 4. Classification: BROOF(t4).
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With its ability to adhere to a range of common roofing substrates, SIGnature Ultra Protect is a versatile system that can be installed over *OSB3, *suitable ply, mastic asphalt, Bitumen felts, PVC single-ply, metal, concrete, PU liquid applied coatings and *tissue faced insulation.

*SIGnature Ultra Protect approved AVCL / Carrier membrane should be installed as a carrier membrane over all timber-based and suitable tissue faced insulation boards substrates prior to application of the SIGnature Ultra Protect system.


  • Simple Installation: Simple range of components. Apply straight out of the can
  • Long Lasting Waterproofing: BBA approved for 20 and 25 year projects
  • BROOF(T4) fire tested – consult SIG Design & Technology Technical Office for more information
  • Refurbishment and New Build: Wide project range with consistent application methods
  • Compatible with Multiple Substrates: Concrete; asphalt; bituminous roofing membranes, including mineral surfaced; steel; PVC membranes; existing polyurethane coatings; plywood in conjunction with a specified carrier membrane; polyisocyanurate (PIR) foam insulation boards in conjunction with a specified carrier membrane; mineral wool insulation boards in conjunction with a specified carrier membrane
  • Two Roof Colour Options with One System: Base Coat can be either Coat A or B determined by surface colour preference, subject to BBA requirements. Both Coat A and B should be used to complete the installation to ensure full coverage rates are achieved


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