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Roofing Warranties with AccuRoof

AccuRoof’s partnership with material producers allows us to supply and deliver project-specific roofing solutions with reliable warranties.

We’re not just an independent, system agnostic supplier of materials – we  can help you make product choices, provide technical and design support, and manage the process on site through registered contractors.

By doing so, we are able to provide genuine roofing warranties.

Roofing Warranties with AccuRoof

Specifiers and their clients need to be aware of the warranty market. They need to understand what cover is required and do their due diligence on the stability and credibility of the manufacturer, supplier, designer and installer.

If your client is purchasing an insurance backed warranty, they should seek additional information on the insurance being offered from an independent adviser who is Financial Conduct Authority regulated.

Get in touch with us to discuss your project requirements.

AccuRoof ’s partnership with material producers helps us to supply and deliver project-specific solutions with reliable roofing warranties.

Our roofing systems can be provided with material and system warranties, labour (in the event that the roofing contractor goes into insolvency) and materials warranties of various periods depending on your requirements and the system, up to 25 years.

We provide a variety of warranties on flat roofing, green roofing, blue roofs, pitched roofing, solar PV and biosolar, and hard metal roofing and cladding, subject to the type of waterproofing and specification.

When we provide a warranty, we include a maintenance schedule which building owners must follow to ensure continuity of cover. Maintenance will always be a requirement, but we provide the support to do it properly.

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