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Roofing Accessories

As a supplier, AccuRoof is product agnostic and takes a systems-based approach to the whole roofing package. It is vital to ensure that all the components installed as part of a roof waterproofing system and the elements they interact with are compatible.

We are part of SIG Roofing, the UK’s largest specialist merchant of roofing related products and services. Providing ancillaries is an integral part of our service, as is drainage design, advising on product selection and more.

Here is a small selection of some of the accessories we provide, that you might want to know more about.


We supply a range of opening and fixed roof lights for flat roofs, ideal for a range of new build and refurbishment projects.

Explore flat glass, linked, domed, and circular rooflights, access hatches and smoke vents with our rooflight configurator.

Opal tint standard specification domed rooflights in a built up bituminous flat roof

Pedestals & Pads for Roof Paving

The major advantages of using support pedestals to pave flat roofing are to improve drainage, ease and speed of installation and protection of the surface beneath. They also reduce mess and disturbance during installation.

Walbarn roof pedestals include fixed height pads, adjustable pedestals and self-levelling adjustable pedestals.

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