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Our approach to sustainability

Protecting the environment, reducing our carbon emissions, and making a positive impact on our people: sustainability is a priority at SIG Roofing.

SIG has supported the drive for higher energy efficiency standards and greater protection for the environment since the 1950s. AccuRoof, as part of SIG Roofing, is equally committed to these ambitions. As a specialist distributor of products central to building energy efficiency, we’re uniquely placed to help you meet your own sustainable construction goals.

Group approach to sustainability

Creating long-term value and making a positive impact on people are key to the SIG Group approach, while also balancing the fast-changing environment of regulation.

In 2021 SIG released our 5 Sustainability Commitments which set out our top-level approach to sustainability.

These are:

  1. Achieving net-zero carbon by 2035.
  2. Sending zero waste to landfill by 2025.
  3. Partnering with manufacturers and customers to reduce carbon and waste across the supply chain.
  4. Health and safety leader in building materials distribution.
  5. Being an employer of choice in our sector.

Sustainability Commitments

At AccuRoof, we fully subscribe to the 5 commitments, actively working to ensure they are integrated across our organisation. 

To read more about our approach and performance in sustainability, including our health and safety performance,  please refer to our website to download the latest documents and additional reports can be found in the sustainability section.  Our ESG performance is reported in our Annual Report and additional reports can be found in the sustainability section. 

Steps to Flat Roof Sustainability

By taking a holistic approach to roofing design from the start, AccuRoof can assist in maximizing the contribution that the roofing element of your project makes towards your sustainability goals.

In spatial terms, flat roofs can be highly efficient. They reduce the apparent mass of a building and provide easily accessible space for services, such as HVAC plant and photovoltaic panels. Flat roofing insulation can provide a significant contribution towards the energy efficiency of your project. Terraces, green roofs and roof gardens can also enrich the ‘fifth elevation’, providing an important amenity for building occupants.  

In addition, a green roof can 

  • Facilitate carbon capture 
  • optimize the structural footprint of the building 
  • assist with urban drainage 
  • enhance thermal and acoustic insulation 
  • increase a membrane’s life expectancy 
  • provide green amenity space 
  • absorb airborne pollutants and 
  • counter the heat island effect in cities. 

As part of AccuRoof’s holistic approach, we can help you choose the right products that meet all your project’s criteria, including your sustainability requirements.

We can help you consider various factors including:

  • local materials sourcing and production
  • recycled materials and recyclability
  • full lifecycle assessment
  • solvent and VOC content
  • zero waste packaging
  • product lifespan and durability

Detailing practices, future maintenance and whole life costings must also be considered when discussing sustainability.  

For specifiers, talking to a roofing specialist at the earliest opportunity can help you specify the right products and systems, and meet any key detailing and compatibility challenges. 

For clients and end users, it’s vital that flat roofs are subject to a regular inspection, making sure drainage outlets remain unblocked and appropriate repairs or replacement can take place if needed. Prioritising maintenance will help your flat roof achieve or exceed its life expectancy. 

Clients should also consider the design life of the building, the whole life costing of the waterproofing systems and choose appropriately durable products; where necessary, building a reroofing strategy into whole life costs. 

Knowledge Hub

18 June 2024

Exposed Zero falls roofs: BBA Action

The British Board of Agrément (BBA) is taking action to clarify its position on some materials certified for zero falls roofs.

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15 April 2024

AccuRoof®: The new name for SIG Design and Technology

Trading Director Robert Edwards explains why SIG Design & Technology is rebranding to AccuRoof®, and what this means for its specifier-led customer…

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15 February 2024

The GRO Green Roof Code – a Green Roof Guide to Best Practice

The 2021 anniversary edition of the GRO Green Roof Code includes guidance on blue roofs, biosolar roofs and biodiversity net gain.

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1 February 2024

Lucent W1: How the complex roof was built

Behind the iconic Lights of London’s Piccadilly Circus a new mixed use development features one of the most complex roofs ever to…

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31 October 2023

Best practice for waterproofing new-build school roofs

Quality, longevity and sustainability are central to the success of any roof design – not least those intended for education buildings.

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12 October 2023

Building Control: The impact of the Building Safety Act and Gateways 2 and 3 on Higher Risk Building Projects

This article looks at some of the key changes to Building Control and what this might mean for designers and contractors working…

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28 September 2023

SIGnature Ultra Protect FAQs: Next Generation PU Roofing

We answer some of your common questions about SIGnature Ultra Protect, our BBA approved, complete PU liquid roof waterproofing system.

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21 September 2023

New REACH legislation: Mandatory Training for Diisocyanate Workers

There is no such thing as a maintenance free flat roof! Find out how to design for low maintenance and get a…

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24 August 2023

Flat Roof Maintenance – Why it Matters

There is no such thing as a maintenance free flat roof! Find out how to design for low maintenance and get a…

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13 July 2022

Biosolar roofing best practice

SolarNature is a complete BioSolar system, including the waterproof layer, green roof build-up and integrated photovoltaic installation.

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23 March 2022

Understanding the wider challenges of fire compliance in flat roof design

There is plenty of guidance available for architects and specifiers on roofing compliance for fire safety. However, what can easily be overlooked…

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24 August 2021

Modular Rooflights for Flat Roofs: How to Specify

To celebrate the launch of our new SIGnature Rooflight Configurator, here’s an article about modular rooflights for flat roofs, how to choose…

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2 June 2021

Seven Reasons Why Flat Roofs Leak

This article looks at why flat roofs leak, the most common causes of flat roof failure so that you can look out…

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21 May 2021

Flat Roof On-Site Inspections – Why They are Important

This post looks at at the importance of flat roof on-site inspections and how they help everyone in the process of roof…

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26 April 2021

7 Flat Roofing Challenges for Main Contractors – Why Take a Partnership Approach?

Main contractors face a number of flat roofing challenges. In this article we describe some of the common flat roofing challenges and…

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25 March 2021

Liquid Waterproofing Products for Flat Roofs – How to Choose

In this article Training and Installation Manager Paul Jacobs looks at how installers choose and install cold applied liquid waterproofing for flat…

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18 March 2021

Flat Roofing Materials – When You Should Use a Mixture of Roof Coverings

This article looks at situations when you might choose a mixture of flat roofing materials on your construction project and how AccuRoof…

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11 February 2021

Flat Roofing Materials – How to Choose

With so many flat roofing materials on the market, how do you go about choosing the right one for your project? As…

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19 November 2020

Tapered Insulation and BS 6229 – what you need to know

Tapered Insulation is growing in popularity in roof designs. We investigate how it has changed with the new BS 6229 requirements. What…

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8 October 2020

When to use VIP Insulation – Vacuum Insulated Panels

This article introduces VIP (Vacuum Insulated Panel) Insulation, explains the benefits and the risks of using them and looks at some typical…

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21 September 2020

Zero Carbon Mastic Asphalt

All the mastic asphalt AccuRoof supplies is zero carbon and contributes to the UK’s sustainable development goals. Now we’ve obtained an Impact…

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2 September 2020

Natural Slate Roofing – Ensuring Quality, Consistency and Longevity

Natural Slate is a beautiful material, brimming with unique, attractive characteristics. Like any natural material, however, it varies hugely in quality. In…

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4 June 2020

When to use a Hot Melt Roofing System

Hot melt is a membrane that is applied as a hot liquid directly to a prepared structural deck to create a completely…

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5 March 2020

Liquid Flat Roof Systems – Get the Insulation Right

Liquid flat roof systems are increasing in popularity, but they can still present a challenge to the specifier to get them properly…

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20 February 2020

Liquid Waterproofing on Refurbishment Projects – Best Practice

Chris Page, Flat Roofing Product Manager at SIG Design & Technology, discusses best practice for the design and installation of liquid waterproofing…

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5 December 2019

Residential Single Ply Roofing – Best Practice

Antony Lucas of AJ Lucas Roofing Contractors, discusses best practice for the design and installation of single ply membrane roofs on residential…

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31 October 2019

Blue Roofs and BS 6229:2018

Following on from our post earlier about the changes to British Standard BS 6229:2018 ‘Flat roofs with continuously supported flexible waterproof coverings’,…

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5 September 2019

Flat Roof Upstand Best Practice

How high should a flat roof upstand be? SIG Design & Technology’s Design and Technical Manager Daniel Bosworth highlights best practice for…

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25 July 2019

Liquid Waterproofing Options

This article covers: When to use Liquid Waterproofing; Our Liquid Waterproofing Advice for Architects; Options for Liquid Waterproofing Products; Case Studies of…

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18 July 2019

BS 6229:2018 – The Changes Explained

The new British Standard BS 6229:2018 ‘Flat roofs with continuously supported flexible waterproof coverings’ has some significant changes from its 2003 predecessor.…

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11 June 2019

Roofer Training – Why it is important

This article looks at the importance of roofer training and why architects and clients should ensure that the roofing installers that work…

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25 April 2019

Treehouse Roof Waterproofing: Luxury, Longevity and Sustainability

Whilst treehouse roof waterproofing is traditionally shingles, this project uses the highly sustainable Armourplan P membrane.

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18 April 2019

Intrusive Flat Roof Surveys – Why you need one and what is involved

In this article we look at intrusive flat roof surveys, what they are and why you should consider having one on your…

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28 March 2019

The Challenge of Multi-Material Roof Design

Designing roofing with multiple materials is very satisfying but it can be a challenge in terms of risk. This article looks at…

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7 March 2019

Flat Roof Fire Performance: What architects need to know

This article looks at flat roof fire performance and external fire ratings for flat roofs covering topics in relation to BS 476…

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7 February 2019

Protecting Britain’s Heritage: The Old Toll House, Stratford upon Avon

The Old Toll House in Stratford upon Avon received a new roof with the support and expertise of SIG Design & Technology.

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24 January 2019

Standing Seam Membrane Roofing on Luxury Housing Developments

Standing Seam roofing is becoming increasingly popular on new housing developments; it is attractive and compliments contemporary designs. Not all standing seam…

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9 January 2019

Liquid Roofing Best Practice

Liquid roofs can vary greatly in terms of type, design, performance and application. Daniel Bosworth and Chris Page explore best practice for…

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31 October 2018

Flat Roof Penetrations: Best Practice

Flat Roof Penetrations are a cause of weakness in many roofs - get them right! View some details showing best practice.

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26 September 2018

Single Ply Flat Roof Drainage Best Practice

Central to the long-term performance of flat roofs are adequate falls and drainage. The former ensure that rainwater is moved to designated low points,…

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20 September 2018

Blue Roof Best Practice

The changing nature of blue roofs – from simple rainwater storage facilities to state-of-the-art attenuation solutions – has placed this cutting edge building…

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12 April 2018

The Effects of Wind Uplift on Roofs

The video below was posted on Linkedin recently, by a technician for roofing contractor in the US. What we are seeing here…

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21 February 2018

Roof Warranties – Why it Pays to Invest in a Single Package

Janine Brady, Marketing Manager at AccuRoof Roofing considers why you should consider a single package roofing warranty. Choosing a new replacement covering…

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25 January 2018

Flat Roof Insulation – The biggest cost

We spoke to Christa Coe, Specification Manager at AccuRoof, about insulation, why it is important, and some things to remember. When you’re…

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31 August 2017

Safe2Torch – What Architects Need to Know

Safe2Torch is the new NFRC backed strategy to reduce the risk of roof fires. In this post, we set out what Safe2Torch…

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6 July 2017

Sustainability in Flat Roofing

From concept design to installation and eventual recycling, flat roofs provide a wide range of environmental benefits for building projects. AccuRoof offers…

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18 May 2017

Failed Flat Roofs – Don’t Split the Build Up!

Three problem projects of a similar nature have come into the office in the last 3 weeks. They are all domestic projects,…

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15 September 2016

Replacing a Cathedral Roof – Mastic Asphalt at Westminster

When Westminster Cathedral’s roof was first asphalted back in 1903, it would have utilised naturally occurring asphalt deposits dug up from an…

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18 August 2016

When to use single ply membranes for a flat roof overlay

This week Frank Williamson, Technical Manager at our product partner IKO Polymeric, asks whether you can use single ply membranes for a flat…

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26 July 2016

Leaking Roof? Check it isn’t Interstitial Condensation

We’ve been talking to Ian Dryden, Business Development Manager at SIG Roofing, about an increasing concern he has for flat roofs built…

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19 July 2016

Single Ply Membranes: Comparing TPO Membrane and TPE

This week Dave Embery, Divisional Director at our product partner IKO Polymeric, provides us with a comparison between two single ply membrane…

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9 June 2016

Re-Roofing a Building when in Use: Vue Cinema Doncaster

When this multi-screen cinema on the outskirts of Doncaster needed a section of its asphalt flat roof refurbished as part of extension…

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7 April 2016

When to Use Mastic Asphalt

Find out when you might come across mastic asphalt roofing and which types of projects it should be considered for.

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6 April 2016

Mastic Asphalt – an Introduction

Mastic asphalt is a centuries old roofing material that is still in use today in both traditional and more modern forms.

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21 January 2016

Flat roofs on modernist houses: a Grand Design in West Sussex

The first project to kick off the 2015 season of Grand Designs was an enormous modern house inspired by Ludwig Mies van…

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5 November 2015

Your Roofing Guarantee – some things for architects to consider

Ross Finnie, sales director AccuRoof, on what architects need to know about guarantees. Roofing guarantees are designed to offer peace of mind in…

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10 September 2015

Electronic Leak Detection for Roofs – Advice for Architects

We speak with Paul Hoveman, Managing Director of Buckleys (UVRAL) Ltd about their leak detection equipment and his advice for architects. Buckley’s…

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20 August 2015

Green Roof Benefits: Why specify a green roof?

Thirteen benefits of a green roof, split into economic, social and environmental reasons, along with an explanation of each.

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6 July 2015

Balcony Waterproofing – why use a Liquid?

Rising up from its Thames-side site at Pimlico at the meeting of Millbank and Vauxhall Bridge, River Walk is an elegant new…

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10 June 2015

How much will a Green Roof weigh?

The weight of a green roof is one of a number of factors specifiers need to consider when deciding which roofing system…

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28 May 2015

Fixing Solar Panels to Flat Roofs – why we recommend an Engineered Solution

We look at three options for fixing solar panels to flat roofs and explain why an engineered solution makes financial sense.

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14 May 2015

Green Roof Systems: An Overview

Download a guide to the most common green roof systems, cut through the terminology and compare planting options, weight, substrate depths and…

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19 February 2015

The Holistic Approach to Roof Design

One of the most interesting discussions during our RIBAJ Seminar on Designing the Perfect Roof concerned the question ‘Why?’ Why do you…

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9 February 2015

Re Roofing in Action – Replacing a Supermarket Flat Roof in 3 minutes [Video]

Here’s a time lapse video recording of the replacement of the flat roof at Waitrose distribution centre in Aylesford, Kent. The video…

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14 January 2015

Reducing Costs & Risk on School Roofing Projects

As competition for schools construction projects remains high and costs are driven down, the needs to meet standards of robustness, energy efficiency…

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19 November 2014

Best Practice: Metal Roofing and Cladding

It’s not just the type of metal, but what goes underneath that matters. Simon Walker, category manager for hard metals, on the…

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13 October 2014

Amphibious House Zinc Shingle Roof and Cladding

Back in 2014 Grand Designs on Channel 4 featured the Amphibious House – an innovative ‘floating’ house, the first of its kind…

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24 September 2014

7 Top Tips for Specifying a Single-ply Roof Membrane

Get a single-ply roof membrane right and no one notices. But get it wrong, and it’s another, very costly, story. Steve Cleminson,…

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17 September 2014

Liquid Waterproofing – when to use it on a roof

One advantage of working with AccuRoof is that we can help you choose the best products for each application, independently of any…

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8 August 2014

Membranes for Gravel Roof Gardens

Keith Wheatley, who supplies lightweight gravel and rocks used in landscaping, has recently contacted us on twitter. Keith asked about the possibility…

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10 July 2014

Meeting the challenge of Rain Noise in Schools – BB93

Contractors working on the Priority Schools Building Programme are facing a new challenge – performance standards for rain noise. With the advent…

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5 June 2014

Flat Roof Leaks and Failures: How to Prevent Them

We were contacted recently by one of our Main Contractor Clients about a failing flat roof they were looking at, so we…

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3 April 2014

Falls in Concrete Flat Roofs – is Tapered Insulation cheaper than Screed?

‘Cut to Falls’ is often the most expensive part of the roof system, and so we’re often asked how to make it…

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5 February 2014

Beneath the Skin of Single Ply – What Architects should ask before they Specify

Many of the modern single ply roofing membranes on the market today are perceived as being the same. In fact as far…

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8 January 2014

Reduce the Cost of Zinc Roofing and Cladding

Have you specified Zinc roofing or cladding in non-standard sizes and found it impossible to get a good price for its installation?…

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14 November 2013

Why Contractors Partner with Construction Product Suppliers [with case study]

Collaboration in the construction industry is not a new thing, it was encouraged by both the Latham (1994) and Egan (1997) reports.…

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5 September 2013

Why is Zinc Roofing and Cladding so Popular with Architects?

Since we launched our hard metals as SIG Zinc & Copper back in 2013 we’ve been able to provide ‘fabricated in the…

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25 July 2013

Roofing Contractors – What does it mean to be ACIS registered?

In this post we’re going to look at the AccuRoof Contractor Installer Scheme (ACIS), how it works and why it is an…

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13 June 2013

Single Ply Roofing in Bespoke Colours – What you should know

We’re often asked to source coloured single ply roofing membrane. There are a number of aesthetic reasons why you might want to…

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30 May 2013

Flat Roof Life Expectancy – some Examples

Last week we discussed what factors you should consider in choosing a single ply membrane, one of which was lifespan and track…

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16 May 2013

Comparison of Single Ply Roofing Membranes

This article introduces and compares the most popular types of single ply roofing membranes used in the UK, setting out their different…

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25 April 2013

Demystifying Wind Load Calculations

We are often asked, ‘What is a Wind Load Calculation?’ ‘When is it used?’ ‘Do I need one for my project?’ so…

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28 March 2013

Avoiding Metal Theft from Roofs with alternatives to Copper and Lead

We all love lead and copper roofs. The materials are so tactile, and the roofs look so beautiful. We also appreciate the…

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21 March 2013

Green Roofs at Steeper Pitches

Last week whilst we were at Ecobuild we had an email from an architect asking “Any pointers for how to construct green…

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21 February 2013

Green Roofs: How to install an instant Sedum Roof (Video)

Green roofs have many benefits both environmental and aesthetic, but sometimes the process of designing and installing even a simple extensive green…

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14 February 2013

Roof Repair and Replacement: How to Re-Roof a Building whilst In Use

This is Edinburgh’s largest Marks & Spencers retail store, at The Gyle shopping centre, built in 1993. In 2010-2011 the metal composite…

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