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Roofing Consultant for Offices

Your Roofing Consultant for Offices

Office developers are particularly concerned about the needs of their tenants over the lifetime of their tenancy, and to ensure that their developments comply with all statutory requirements whilst remaining robust and functional.

Accuroof takes a collaborative approach to office building developers, identifying the needs and drivers for each project in your clients’ portfolio, while giving greater clarity on cost and risk.

Key Challenges for Office Clients

In office buildings, large amounts of M&E plant are normally situated on the roof, which therefore needs to be accessible for maintenance and trafficked more frequently.
Clients may also want to provide amenity spaces for tenants to access, especially in urban areas, and to comply with Biodiversity Net Gain and Sustainable Urban Drainage requirements.
Offices are normally high-rise buildings and should therefore consider the implications of the fire strategy on both the choice of products and design decisions.
Office developers are very aware of design life of their buildings, so will want to look at whole life costing of the waterproofing system and choose appropriately durable products. You may also need to build a reroofing strategy into your whole life costs.

Benefits of Working with Accuroof on Office Projects

As a supplier, Accuroof is product agnostic and takes a systems based approach to the whole roofing package. We can choose the right system for your clients’ requirements from a wide range of manufacturers, including waterproofing, green and blue roofs, and hard metals for aesthetic elements, together with all ancillaries.
Our consultancy service includes for the provision of drainage calculations, interstitial condensation risk analysis and a network of registered  contractors, backed up with genuine warranties.
Accuroof can provide specific design advice in collaboration with your M&E specialists, to ensure the appropriate robustness and suitable maintenance plans are chosen.
Accuroof is a member of the Joint Competency Initiative for the Building Envelopes Sector, which is at the forefront of post-Grenfell competency in respect of fire and structural safety.
AccuRoof’s network of large specialist subcontractors are experienced in delivering commercial projects. SIG Roofing’s distribution network of over 100 branches across the UK allows for swift, local delivery and a mechanism for resolving any issues (such as damaged stock) so that delays on site are minimised.

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