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Hospital roofing and reroofing

Hospital roofing and reroofing with AccuRoof

Hospital Trust clients require an understanding of the pressures of operating around the clock service on a tight budget when it comes to roofing new buildings or reroofing. Projects need to go right first time, be robust and maximise on the benefit the ‘fifth elevation’ can provide.

We bring our experience working with health care and hospital projects, and our specialism in roofing design and delivery to the task. Decades of experience in flat roofing, plus our broad portfolio of systems and registered contractor network are topped off with genuine warranties and advice on maintenance.

Key challenges for hospital and health care clients

City centre hospitals are always very tight for space. Their roofs frequently contain a lot of plant, and sometimes also amenity space for patients and staff.
Hospitals and health care settings operate around the clock, so reroofing hospital buildings frequently means carrying out works whilst the building is kept operational.
Pressure on budgets means that any opportunity should be taken to reduce the operational cost of the building, by energy efficiency or energy generation, for example.
Alongside the drive for net zero carbon comes the requirement for Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG), and a roof is often in a good place to deliver a biodiversity contribution.

Benefits of Working with Accuroof on health care roofing projects

From healthcare settings to major office buildings, AccuRoof works to maximise the use of its clients’ roofs. This means we have experience designing flat roofing that is frequently trafficked and has regular maintenance access. Our warranties come with a recommended maintenance schedule built in.
AccuRoof routinely works on buildings in use, not just in hospitals but also schools, retail environments and commercial buildings. Our broad portfolio of roofing systems include low odour and low VOC liquids but also metals, green and blue roofs and single ply systems where appropriate.
We design and provide technical support to the latest standards and building regulations, reducing whole life carbon where required and meeting fire and building safety requirements such as with BROOF(t4) classified flat roofing.
AccuRoof’s biosolar solutions allow biodiverse green roofs to incorporate solar PV, enabling the same area to contribute to Biodiversity Net Gain and generate renewable energy at the same time.
AccuRoof’s network of large specialist subcontractors are experienced in delivering healthcare projects. SIG Roofing’s distribution network of over 100 branches across the UK allows for swift, local delivery and a mechanism for resolving any issues (such as damaged stock) so that delays on site are minimised.

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27 June 2018

Princess Elizabeth Hospital – Replacement zinc standing seam roof with solar PVs

The Lighthouse Wards at Princess Elizabeth Hospital, Guernsey comprise three single storey wards containing 60 continuing care units for elderly patients.

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7 April 2008

Churchill Hospital

FDT has played a key role in a £109m PFI-funded hospital development in Oxfordshire that will revolutionise cancer care.

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