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Single Ply for Pitched Roofing

Traditionally, single ply membrane roofs have tended to be associated with larger-scale commercial and industrial schemes. Today however, they are becoming increasingly popular on pitched roofing projects, including residential projects, for reasons of performance, aesthetics, and the knowledge and expertise of specialist installers. 

AccuRoof’s partnerships with major membrane manufacturers can help you make the most of this opportunity. 

Benefits of single ply for pitched roofing

  • Provides a contemporary appearance
  • A cost-effective alternative to metal roofing
  • Flame free installation using hot air welds
  • No problems with moss and algae growth
  • Rainwater run-off is free from roof-related contaminants, such as alkalis and bitumen.

Things to consider

Decisions regarding roofing specification should always be made on a project-by-project basis. Talk to us as soon as you can about single ply membranes and whether other materials may be appropriate in some areas.

Single ply membranes are not generally suitable for areas which will be trafficked, such as exposed balconies or terraces without suitable protection. As a system agnostic supplier, we can advise on the best systems for each application.

Detailing makes all the difference to the desired aesthetic. We can advise on standard and bespoke detailing including bonding methods, mechanical restraints, drip edges, movement, drainage and more.

Specifiers should also pay particular attention to on-site programming. Membrane roofs should not be used as loading bays or material stores as work progresses on site.

membranes for pitched roofing - spencer courtyard green roofs

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