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Solar PV Systems Design Supply Install

Solar Photovoltaics is becoming an essential element of clients’ decarbonisation and energy efficiency strategies, but in an evolving market with pressures on delivery and emerging technologies, getting accurate advice is difficult.

Accuroof’s experience across a wide range of roofing types means we can take an integrated approach to incorporating solar pv systems into your project and provide you with system agnostic advice. Part of SIG Roofing, a leading provider of roofing and construction materials across the UK, Accuroof offers a full service to you and your clients.

Full Service for Solar PV Systems

  • Each scheme is designed for the conditions and to your requirements.
  • Early involvement and system agnostic advice from the start.
  • Survey of existing buildings by our UK team.
  • Full design and compliance service, selecting the most appropriate quality systems.
  • Integration with a wide range of products including membranes, hot melt, green roofs, and metals.
  • Complete range of ancillaries available.
  • UK network of established, MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme) registered installers working to British Standards, BRE and IEE codes.
  • Installers can be recommended or incorporated in a supply and fit solution.
  • Single product warranties where available.

Solar PV systems for New Build and Retrofit

Flat Roofing
Industrial Roofing
Standing Seam and Hard Metals
In Roof Pitched systems
On Roof Pitched systems
Complete systems and Ancillaries

Solar PV Systems FAQs

AccuRoof have advised on several Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme funded projects and also provide our expertise to industrial and commercial schemes. With existing buildings, we can advise and help find solutions to deal with loadbearing issues and to ensure that your existing roofing can match the lifespan of the solar pv system. Contact us for more details.

Energy produced from solar panels is subject to several factors, which is why the AccuRoof team will always design specifically to your site’s particular requirements.

Panel choice will usually combine several factors including aesthetics, value for money, performance, longevity, track record and warranties. Your Accuroof team and their partner suppliers know the market and can advise you on the panels that will suit your needs.

If there is a power cut the inverters will switch off, which stops any electricity generation entering the property. This is a safety feature to protect workers who may be repairing the grid.

If they are designed together, yes. A biosolar system combines the best elements of solar PV and green roofing. The demand for biosolar systems, such as [Link to SolarNature system page]SolarNature[/link], is currently being driven by the need to achieve both carbon net-zero and biodiversity net gain.

The best mitigations against fire risk are to choose reputable products and have them properly installed by MCS certified contractors. This is why we recommend a full system design and installation by certified contractors in accordance with the latest industry guidance.

There has been considerable interest in recent months in the supply chain for solar PV systems. Our parent company SIG Plc takes these matters very seriously and is committed to acting ethically and with integrity in all its business dealings. SIG has a number of policies which support this an apply on a group-wide basis, including a whistleblowing procedure which is available to all employees, suppliers and customers. You can read these policies and our Modern Slavery Statement here.

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