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Housing Development

Producing safe, regulatory compliant housing developments can be a challenge post Grenfell. As key elements of the external envelope, roofing and cladding are particularly important and need to be addressed from the start.

AccuRoof’s roofing consultancy, specification, supply and technical support package has been developed to meet the need for a systems-based, consistent approach to roofing and cladding.


When delivering on framework agreement, a main contractor needs a roofing package supplier they can trust, who understands the nature of the challenge and is willing to get on board early.

AccuRoof (formerly SIG Design and Technology) offers a partnership package to main contractors that is collaborative, proactive and innovative, so that you can meet your obligations with confidence

Hospitality and Leisure

Hospitality clients are demanding! This is because their buildings are assets for which they need to maximise both operation time and profitability, whilst ensuring that their customers always have a top-quality experience.

AccuRoof’s roofing consultancy, specification, supply and technical support package has been developed to meet the need of even the most demanding leisure and hospitality client, reducing risk and working to agreed budgets.


Office developers are particularly concerned about the needs of their tenants over the lifetime of their tenancy, and to ensure that their developments comply with all statutory requirements whilst remaining robust and functional.

Accuroof takes a collaborative approach to office building developers, identifying the needs and drivers for each project in your clients’ portfolio, while giving greater clarity on cost and risk.

Hospital Roofing and Reroofing

Hospital Trust clients require an understanding of the pressures of operating a round the clock service on a tight budget when it comes to roofing new buildings or reroofing. Projects need to go right first time, be robust and maximise on the benefit the ‘fifth elevation’ can provide.

We bring our experience working with health care and hospital projects, and our specialism in roofing design and delivery to the task. Decades of experience in flat roofing, plus our broad portfolio of systems and registered contractor network are topped off with single point warranties and advice on maintenance.

Retail Distribution Flat Roofing

Major retailers operate at a massive scale and their growing need for effective distribution space means these projects are all about speed and efficiency. Large buildings have large roofs which need to perform well throughout a fixed lifetime so as not to interfere with operations.

AccuRoof takes a collaborative approach to distribution centre roofing design, working with the client’s designers and main contractor to deliver the roofing package.

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