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Blue Roofs

A blue roof is designed to attenuate water, typically rainfall, and release this water over a longer period. This eases the pressure on drainage systems particularly in times of severe rainfall. Today they form part of SuDs best practice.

AccuRoof, in partnership with EGR, offers an experienced technical team who understand that each project has its own unique requirements. Providing a comprehensive design and delivery service, including post-installation integrity tests for both the waterproofing and blue roof. After installation we deliver and provide a complete maintenance service.

Roof Type

Waterproofing Type

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PermaTEC Protected Inverted Blue roof with Foamglas T3+ Insulation

Hot Melt protected inverted roof system with Foamglas T3+ insulation. Suitable for application over: Concrete…
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PermaTEC Antiroot Blue Roof System

Hot Melt blue roof system with XPS insulation. PermaTEC Antiroot is specifically designed for use…
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PermaTEC Ecowrap Blue Roof System

Hot Melt blue roof system with XPS insulation. Suitable for application over: Concrete Plywood PermaTEC…
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