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Roofing supply chain partnership for main contractors

AccuRoof’s roofing supply chain partnership offers main contractors the manufacturer products they want with the support to make them work.

Our Service for Main Contractors

We support main contractors with end-to-end service for major projects through our supply chain partnership.

From tender stage to a secured project, our roofing package is designed to make your life easier.

With AccuRoof and our manufacturer partners, main contractors can get the products they want with collaborative support from beginning to end.

Dedicated technical support to you and your sub-contractor supply chain on and off site.
Value engineering that prioritises regulatory compliance and building safety
A consistent specification for all sub-contractors to improve cost comparison
Project specific pricing for all sub-contractors at tender stage

Collaborative roofing design and supply

Working with us will give you access to a portfolio of roofing products from major manufacturing partners, and a full design, specification, supply and inspection service supported by experienced registered roofing contractors and single point warranties.

We collaborate with major manufacturers to ensure their systems are properly selected, detailed, installed, and warrantied.
We engage directly with the project team at all stages of the build to identify and deliver best value whilst working to regulatory requirements.
We specialise in supporting the design team and can enter into a design contract where we take on the design liability*.
We offer project specific detailing, integrating adjoining package details and assisting with compliance.


*for further information please contact AccuRoof

AccuRoof in-house design team

Our in-house design team provides technical support backed by professional indemnity insurance, including:

  • Compliance with statutory requirements, planning regulations and product standards.
  • Exposure ratings and wind uplift calculations.
  • Thermal and acoustic insulation performance calculations.
  • Condensation risk analysis.
  • Drainage and water run-off calculations.

You’re in good hands. AccuRoof is a member of the Joint Competency Initiative for the Building Envelopes Sector, which is at the forefront of delivering post-Grenfell competency in respect of fire and structural safety.

Major project types

We have experience on a range of major projects, including:

A complete service for your roofing package

Partnership with major manufacturers
Subcontractor engagement
Collaborative design and supply
In-house PI insured design team
Technical support and compliance
Depth of experience in major projects

Roofing challenges faced by main contractors

Specification issues often relate to systems and products being specified that don’t suit the application. The cause? It’s usually either a lack of understanding of the project requirements, or a tendency for manufacturers to sell the systems that are available to them rather than the right system for the application.
As a specification partner with a broad product portfolio that can distribute from over 100 locations across the UK, AccuRoof is system agnostic. We supply flat and pitched roofing systems from leading roof manufacturers and select the most appropriate system for your requirements irrespective of manufacturer. Systems include single ply, hot melt, built up roofing felts, liquids, slate and tile, industrial roofing, solar and hard metal solutions. We also support green roofing and blue roofing, design and supply.

Detail issues can arise when roofing manufacturers design what works for their system, rather than collaborating with the architect and other suppliers to design appropriate interface details.
We have our own in-house design team that works alongside your architect to identify areas that need addressing before we start on site. Our design work is backed by our own Professional Indemnity Insurance and we offer collateral warranties on the designs provided.

As part of the critical path of the build programme, roofing completion is essential relatively early in the contract. Correct sequencing of the works is essential to avoid future problems.
Working on behalf of you, our customer, we specify systems that can achieve a watertight envelope swiftly compared to other systems, are simpler to manage on site and will achieve a finish that is protected and performs as it should. On-site support is provided by our field technicians and our installation reports can be used to monitor the performance and snagging of the successful roofing contractor.

Test conditions and site conditions don’t always align. You need to know your roofing system meets project requirements – but also that it’s robust enough to survive any challenges on-site. The system may also need to allow the main contractor to use the roofing space without danger of damaging the installed roof.
Early involvement of AccuRoof allows us to advise on roofing system robustness, and to assist in avoiding unnecessary trades going onto the roof. We also offer toolbox talks to the site team to assist them in managing what can and cannot be done.

An uncoordinated approach to the supply of materials and specific site requirements can delay the programme, resulting in pressure on the roofing contractor to catch up using untrained or subcontracted labour.
AccuRoof supports you from tender through to prestart meetings on site, helping identify potential problems and how to avoid them. We also act as a conduit between suitable roofing contractors for the project needs, improving communications and reducing the risk of poor performance.

Roofing is a competitive area but a tendency to always look to the cheapest systems without understanding the implications can lead to legacy problems for the main contractor and flat roof defects for the client.
AccuRoof offer competitive prices and we accept that we will be market tested to remain competitive. This gives the main contractor clarity on cost, so you can be enterprising at tender stage without storing up problems for the future.

A lack of understanding of the maintenance requirements of each of the specified systems in your roof can ultimately lead to invalidating warranties, all at a cost to the main contractor.
AccuRoof are clear about our offer and your responsibilities as our supply chain partner. We support you with relevant documentation which you can use to outline your end clients’ responsibilities for maintenance of the warrantee requirements.

Speak to our roofing specialists

Contact us for accurate, impartial advice

Take control of your roofing project from the very start.

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